Shipping & Return Policy


All products on this website will be shipped from Hong Kong if your order involves an international shipping service.

For international shipping outside of Hong Kong, unless otherwise specified and/or discussed, your order will be shipped via the FedEx International Priority service.  FedEx (or any other specified courier service) may charge you a handling charge at the time of delivery. You are solely responsible for any charges incurred at the delivery destination or jurisdiction separately from the shipping charges calculated upon order confirmation.  APJ Pearls Limited is not responsible for any shipping and handling charges incurred at the destination at delivery.

While we make sure our products are packed carefully and securely and rely on the professionalism of FedEx, there is a possibility of damage while in transit. APJ Pearls Limited cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to the shipment while in transit.



Depending on the jurisdiction or country of import, governments and/or customs may charge import duties and taxes.  You are responsible for settling any import duties and/or taxes levied by your government and/or customs department of the country of delivery.  APJ Pearls Limited is not responsible for any import duties, taxes and/or charges levied by your government and/or customs upon delivery of the product.  You are advised to check and confirm with the relevant local departments concerning any duties, taxes, and/or charges levied on imports of the products sold on this site.



As a general policy due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns, refunds, and/or exchanges on any of the products sold on this website once an order has been confirmed and shipped, except for orders undisputedly shipped in error by the seller.

Refund and return requests are only entertained on a case by case basis and solely at the discretion of the seller APJ Pearls Limited. APJ Pearls Limited reserves the right to refuse any return and/or refund requests. Potential refunds are only granted and processed after the seller APJ Pearls Limited inspects the returned merchandise and accepts, in writing, the refund/return request. Returned items must be returned in full and be exact to the original item purchased. The buyer is responsible for any shipping charges incurred in returning the merchandise. APJ Pearls Limited cannot be held liable for any merchandise lost in transit. Please fill out a contact form or email us to discuss matters pertaining to refunds or returns.

For registered trade account members, refunds, returns, and/or exchanges are possible if the potential for such instances are discussed and agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, APJ Pearls Limited, before the shipment has been shipped. Please fill out a contact form or email us to discuss matters pertaining to potential refunds or returns before order confirmation.